Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Spawn of blogger

The best piece of news I've had all year, is also one that I haven't shared here on my blog. Despite the wonders of our beloved pseudonymous internet, there's some things you don't want to share online until your friends and family know about it.

One of those is when your wife is pregnant.

Now that we're just about to the end of the first trimester, we've told our families, and most of our friends.  We've even made the obligatory Facebook announcements, although I do sort of hate Facebook...

It hasn't all been peaches an sunshine.  We were actually pretty worried that there were some complications going on a couple of weeks ago, which is how we ended up with this:

Only 9 weeks, give or take.  And on purpose!
Turned out that everybody is in great health, and we managed to get our first ultrasound a few weeks earlier than usual.  Altogether, not such a bad deal.  Of course, it was also a learning experience.  It's amazing that it's possible to worry that much about a partially formed person whom you've yet to meet. 

There was, however, one very sad piece of news that came with the ultrasound.  Since there's only one baby, I have to stop teasing my wife about how huge she's going to get carrying twins.  As soon as that stick turned pink I started telling her how cute she was going to be when she was stretched like a pygmy goat with 2 or 3 babies in there at once.

While this baby is On Purpose™, it promises to be every bit as life complicating as your average whoops-baby.  My wife and I have some fairly huge decisions coming up over the coming months. How long she get's to stay home, do we still buy a house or delay so she can stay home longer, to go crew neck or turtle neck if it's a boy, the best brand of shotgun to hang on the wall if it's a girl, and so on.  No matter what we decide, one thing is fore sure, this baby is going to do a lot better in life if the old wive's tail about hair coming from the mother's side is true.

*Footnote: On a MUCH less important note, my CompTIA A+ certificate and wallet card have finally arrived.  Now I'm certified and documented.