Monday, June 10, 2013

Get your butt to work.

People need to get their butts to work.

I'm not talking about job hunting here, although that's a great topic.  What I'm talking about is something a lot more basic.

When you have a job, go to your job.  Go there every day.  Go there on time or early.  Actually work while you're there.  You'd think that such a statement would be obvious; but you'd be wrong.

The casino/hotel where I work runs between 1,200 and 1,600 employees depending on business, making it just about the largest single-site employer in the area, and one of the larger single-site employers in the entire state.

Like any employer, we've got a lot of great employees, but we've also got some knuckleheads, and sometimes have to let one go.  But you know why people get fired?  Their attendance.  Despite having the most lenient attendance policy I've ever encountered in my working life, the number one reason people get fired from my employer, is failing to show up to work too many times.

The same applies to what you do when you're at work.  Stay off of facebook.  Stay off your personal email.  If you're sitting at work while you read this blog, you just failed at life.  Your boss just gave you a project you're not excited about? Do it anyway, and do it quickly.

There are a lot of people out there working at jobs that they don't really care about, but that's not an excuse to be lazy, or to skip out on work.  When you do that, you start building habits that will probably follow you when you get to a better job.  You may even burn bridges that keep you from getting the recommendations you may need to get into a better job.  Unfortunately, a lot of people, especially young people, just don't seem to get that today.

I don't like my job, and yesterday sucked, so I'm not going in today.

Congratulations, you're a complete failure.

In many cultures, especially the Jewish culture, people have the perspective that they're always self employed.  The idea is that whether you're running your own business or stocking shelves at Wally World; your real boss is you.  You work so that you can pay your rent, provide for your family, and build a better life.  It doesn't matter who it is that signs your paycheck.  What matters is that you work hard to live up to your own standards.